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Close the loop: reduce, reuse and recycle. Kids, make good habits now to help our environment. Encourage your family to buy items that have been recycled, such as aluminum and steel cans. Maybe you can even build a compost pile in your backyard or a worm box for composting your fruit and vegetable scraps.

Click on the links below to play interactive games and puzzles that are both fun and educational!

Waste Management of Orange County word search  Word Search
  This cool word puzzle is a fun and exciting way to learn about   recycling and our environment. Well, what are we waiting on? Let's   get started!!



Waste Management of Orange County jigsaw puzzle  Jigsaw Puzzle
  Unscramble the pieces of this fun recycling jigsaw puzzle. With three   levels of difficulty, this game is fun for all ages.



Waste Management of Orange County links for kids  Links for Kids
  These links are designed to teach the importance of waste reduction,   recycling, composting and a host of other information!